February 16 2011

Find versions of Lync clients

If you are running Lync Server 2010 and have previously used OCS, you may realize how hard it is to find the versions of Lync that your clients are running. It was very easy to do with OCS.

Stephen Olsen has written a fantastic tool that will show you the version each client is running along with a bunch of other useful information.

Find Lync Versions tool
Find Lync Versions tool

To find out more about this tool, visit his website http://www.stumper66.com/software/lync.html. Also download a copy of the tool from me – http://blog.danovich.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/FindLyncVersions.zip.

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  1. By tpullins on

    The tool is failing to connect to my Lync backend database server that has the rtcdyn database.

    “error: 26 – Error Locating Server/Instance Specified”

    On the website it says “Just specify the server name that hosts the RTCLOCAL SQL instance.”

    I have my Lync databases on the default SQL instance, could it be that causing the problem?

  2. By chrb on

    I had the same problem. -> Go to the Authors website, and download v1.0.2 of his tool. Works like a charm 🙂

  3. By hhyderi on

    Great tool however If I run the below SQL query manually on one of the Enterprise Edition FE Servers (RTCLocal), it is either listing no users as no one is connected to that sepcific server in Pool or only the users that are connected to that server.

    Use rtcdyn
    SELECT UserAtHost, ClientApp, EndpointId, ContactInfo FROM RegistrarEndpoint T1
    LEFT OUTER JOIN rtc..Resource T2 ON T1.OwnerId = T2.ResourceId
    WHERE IsServerSource = 0 ORDER BY UserAtHost

    I am looking for a way to query a central location and find out which user is connected to which server in a Pool.

    Like in OCS we could Pull Per-User Reports from Database tab or query the Endpoint+FrontEnd table as it contains the information about all the users connected to any server in that Pool.


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